Data Protection Concerns after Whatsapp Change of Terms


We are dedicated to have a relation with our customers based on trust in SS Laser Solutions/SSLS Machinery. Any communication either technical or financial has to be kept and protected properly to protect both parties interests and crucial information.

You should be informed about Whatsapp’s sudden change about how to use and process the information shared using their services. Even though they declared that customers in EU countries will not be affected by this change and counted England in the same bubble.

Unfortunately this additional declaration is not satisfying considering the enormous growth of the company and their interest of integrating all information in the world with Facebook. We don’t want our customer’s information to be used by any company to push them advertisement, to be sold to any 3rd parties etc.

In the light of protecting our customers information, we are searching different chatting/voice and video calling options. You can follow our website for the updates. We will not be using WhatsApp for any business related discussion either written or voice/video call until we make our final decision. We will be informing our customers about the result of this process soon.

In the meantime we request our customers and partners to assess the risk of Whatsapp’s sudden change on their terms and take their personal decision.