Bending small flanges

No matter what the material and thickness you are going to bend, necessity of small flange bending is always a game changer. We had lot’s of projects where customers were struggling to bend small flanges with different thicknesses. Let’s make a quick study about how to decide which tool to buy.

Bending small flanges
NoMaterialThicknessTool AdvisedMinimum Flange (mm)
2MS/AL/SS1.5Rolla-V Model 14.2
4MS/AL/SS3Rolla-V Model 29.8
6MS/AL/SS5Rolla-V Model 2.518.6
Minimum flange comparison – Single V die Vs. Rolla-V dies

As you can see from above, no matter which material you use or no matter which thickness you are going to bend, equivalent Rolla-V die performs much better when it comes to minimum flange dimension.

Furthermore, all single V dies can work with one specific thickness only. Whereas Rolla-V dies have an incomparable wide range in every model.

NoModelThickness Range
1XT10.3 – 1.2
2XT20.3 – 2.3
3Model 10.3 – 2
4Model 20.3 -4
5Model 2.50.3 -6
6Model 30.3 -8
7Model 3.50.3 -10
8Model 40.3 -16
Thickness range of Rolla-V tools

It is possible to finalise your die investment with 1 or 2 different models of Rolla-V tools in most cases. Which will save you,

  • Money by not buying several sets of different V opening dies for different thicknesses
  • Time by not changing the dies continuously when material thickness changes
  • Money by not creating deep bend marks like V dies do

If you are investing in a new press brake or you already have some and need new tools, ,please contact us and let us know about the details of your requirement. We will be happy to make bending studies for you and offer you the best fit.

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