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Laser Consumables

We are continuously in the search of solutions for our customers in sheet metal industry. Rather than being standard solution provider, we aim to be unique. Therefore we would like to introduce laser consumables which are high in quality Read more

New Adjustable Press Brake Tool – RVHD2 “The SMALL giant”

As you may know Rolla-V press brake tools have unique advantages like,

  • Scratch-free bending
  • Smaller flange bends than any standard V die
  • Protect holes near bend line
  • Availability to bend different radii on the same tool
  • Bending different thicknesses Read more

What is the best pillow height for your pillow plates?

Measuring pillow height

Most of our new customers either manufacturing vessels, food processing machines or any custom requirement, they mostly have the same question,

“What is the best pillow height?”

This is an important question because generally customers tend Read more

Clamp-On Plates in Oil & Gas Industry

Clamp-on plates are very efficient solutions in heat transfer for oil and gas industry as well. You can create either internal or external heating/cooling of oil and sulphur tanks.

These internal and/or external solutions can be designed with the Read more

World’s Best Adjustable Bottom Tool

Rolla-V Adjustable RVHD3 Bottom Tool

When you are going to buy a new press brake or you already have one but need press brake tooling to overcome below problems;

  • Material scratches because of bottom tool
  • Not being able to Read more

Magnetic Squaring Arm

You are using your press brakes backgauge when you need to position your part precisely. But what happens when you need to make a tapered bend? or when you are going to bend a very small flange which is Read more

How to use pillow plates / 2

You can build vessels, bespoke pipes, any specific shaped surface with pillow plates and create an efficient heat transfer. 

Bespoke heat transfer pipe with pillow plate

You can either buy only pillow plates to build your bespoke surface or Read more

How to use pillow plates?

Heat transfer vessel by using laser welded pillow plates

We create solutions for tank/vessel builders, any company needs heat transfer from flat surface. Laser welded pillow plates can be used for,

  • Milk tanks
  • Wine tanks
  • Beer tanks
  • Chocolate tanks
  • Read more

New website

We are updating our website to create more interaction with our esteemed customers. Keep an eye on us!

We will be sharing news from the projects we created for our customers, exhibitions, technical leaflets, etc.

Bending thick sheet metal without hole distortion

10 mm MS Bending Trial with Rolla-V

Recently we received an inquiry from one of our customers who is facing problems while bending 10mm MS on their press brake.

They were using decent and good quality press brake and Read more