Meet the highest standard of a press brake.

No compromises!


  • Rigid frame designed on SolidWorks with stress and deflection analysis, welded by certified welders and machined to 0,01 mm precision in single piece.
  • NexT 3.0 17″ 2D/3D graphic touchscreen control.
  • Dependable servo hydraulic system provided by Hoerbieger.
  • Honed, chrome covered cylinders with high precision ground pistons.
  • Y1-Y2 synchronized hydraulic cylinders running on dual ram guides on each side for smooth ascend and descend.
  • 6 axis backgauge (X1,X2,R1,R2,Z1,Z2) running on ballscrews with servo motors and independent finger blocks to easily gauge complex parts and tapered pieces.
  • VisioForm LED bend guide system.
  • Hydraulic punch holder with vertical mount, auto clamping and auto aligning function.
  • Hydraulic die holder with one touch lock mechanism.
  • High stroke and daylight for deep box/panel bending.
  • 500 mm throat depth to utilize full length and deep bends.
  • High resolution linear scales with an accuracy of 0,01 mm for precise bending.
  • Automatic crowning of die bed for even angles along full length of bend.
  • Front support arms sliding on linear guides to easily gauge small parts.
  • Oil coolant to maintain optimum oil temperature and consistent bends in long runs.