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Manual Deburring Machine for laser / plasma / punch cut parts

Why deburring and edge rounding is important

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The deburring station removes the burrs on the material surface. It offers precise deburring with its sensitive position control with encoder.

Edge Rounding

With its flexible grinding structure, the radius can increase up to 2mm and rotating slotted flap wheels ensure even rounding at every point.

Heavy Slag Removal

Heavy duty deburring station breaks the thick burrs formed by cutting such as oxygen, plasma. Easily cleans thick and coarse slags with its special structure. Precise position control system with encoder positioning.

Oxide Layer Removal

The oxide removal process has a special, flexible spring head system. This system removes the oxide on the material sides and therefore your additional costs will disappear.


Surface finishing involves a variety of processes, all of which improve the aesthetic appearance of the final product.

Vacuum Suction Table

Vacuum suction table can hold parts for easy cleaning.

Technical Specifications

Material Mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium
Available Processes Rounding edges
Oxide layer removal
Slag removal
Material Thickness 3-200 mm
Max. Material Width (mm)
800 mm
Min. Part Size (mm)
80x80 mm
Max. Material Length (mm)
600 mm
Machine Weight (kg) 600 kg
Part Holding System Vacuum
Machine Dimensions (mm) 1350 x 850 x 1700