Bending thick sheet metal without hole distortion

10 mm MS Bending Trial with Rolla-V

Recently we received an inquiry from one of our customers who is facing problems while bending 10mm MS on their press brake.

They were using decent and good quality press brake and press brake tools but after bending they were facing with distortions on the holes which are near to the bend. They were making rectangular cut-outs on the bend line to get rid of the distortion problem. But because of these cut-outs they had to fill the cut-outs by welding. After bending they had to grind the welds and only after these operation they could paint it.

After making a quick study we made below trial for them.

One stroke, one bend, perfect solution!

If you are facing bending problems like,

  • scratched sheets after bending
  • not able to bend small flanges
  • distortion problems of the holes near bend line
  • tapered bend problems
  • radius problems
  • problems while bending Weldox, Hardox, Armox, Titanium, etc.

let us know so we can offer you the best solution for your needs. Rolla-V tools are suitable for any make of press brake and any clamping.