Easy to buy, easier to rent

Fabrication is a complex job. Your customers may think that the laser cutting project doesn’t take long or it is just one bend… In reality it isn’t. Apart from overheads, material supplies, consumables etc. you also need machines to increase your production capacity and create added value. SS Laser Solutions, in short SSLS, is coming in to the picture just at this point. Our decades of experiences thought us that we need to grow together with our customers so first we need to help them grow. It is easy to sell machines, tools, consumables when the customer is in a relaxed period in terms of cash or they don’t need that machine for long years so they don’t want to own it. Just a piece of mind is required and SSLS is the right partner when you need a hand. After assessing the requirements and how we can help, we decided to offer easy rental packages to our customers for,


SSLS-V2 laser slat cleaning machine helps,

  • to clean laser slat in 30 mins compared to huge time and money loss by cutting them from new
  • Multiplies the lifetime of the slats hence makes you save lots of money
  • SSLS-V2 is the lowest maintenance cost machine in the market!

FLW-2.0 Handheld Laser Welding Machine

  • Most sold handheld laser welding machine in the UK!
  • Welds 4-5 times faster than TIG and MIG
  • Much cleaner welds which helps you save money and time
  • Easy learning curve for experienced or new welders
  • 2 days training at your premises
  • Huge consumable and spare part stock

If you would like to discuss the details of the rental offers, you can contact us either via emailing us at info@sslasersolutions.co.uk or call us from 01213186699. We will be happy to guide you for the most suitable package.