Grab a seat our operator friend!

Like all businesses do, we are continuously improving our products and services for our customers. Sometime ago we decided to start selling a small press brake which is a requirement for most of the fabricators. The day has come and we started to install this small 835mm long and 20 Ton capacity press brakes in the UK.

TeslaBend TSB 835X20 Press Brake
TeslaBend TSB 835X20 Press Brake

Our aim is to supply a machine which is;

  • Easy to use so any operator can feel comfortable
  • Easy to position so can be moved with a fork lift inside the factory
  • with a touchscreen control which you can use like a mobile phone
  • having a feature to upload photos of each bend sequence so new operators can understand what that bend looks like
  • safe as well. Laser safety system does the job and prevent any unwanted accident
  • having a moveable support table to support your arms when working
  • having a seat to support operators posture
  • having a tool cabinet on the right side of the machine to keep your tools, bits and pieces tidy

Please contact us to discuss details about your bending requirements. We will tailor the best-fit machine for you including the tooling package.


Tel: 0121 318 6699