How to Quickly Bend a Bracket

Owners and operators of fabrication shops are generally sensitive when it comes to change the the brand of their press brakes and their controllers.

In this Guide to Bend Series we will show you that there is no need to fear when you choose SSLS press brake range!

Shifting to SSLS CNC press brakes will make you think why you paid tens of thousands pounds whenever you purchase a press brake from your previous supplier until now.

Step Automation controllers we use on our press brakes make operator’s life easier. No more scary habits! Simply like using a mobile phone!

Naturally every material even though they are specified as same quality, may differ in tensile strength thus may result in different angles after bending. When you face this problem you need a quick and easy solution which is available with all our press brake controllers.

Simply these are the steps to follow when bending a new part:

  1. Create your program
  2. Choose your tools
  3. Make simulation, create bending steps
  4. Make a bend, measure the angle
  5. Enter measured angle, controller calculates the correction automatically
  6. Bingo! Correct angle on all parts after that!

Let us know about your press brake requirements and we will do our best to help.

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