Laser slat cleaner, which machine to choose?

Laser slat cleaner is a specialized machineused for cleaning the slats of a laser cutting machine. In laser cutting machines, slats are the metal pieces that support the material being cut. Over time, these slats accumulate slag, which is a byproduct of the laser cutting process. This slag can interfere with the cutting process, reducing the quality of cuts and potentially damaging the material.

We manufacture and sell our beatiful SSLS laser slat cleaner. We know that it is the most efficient slat cleaner in the market with its affordable price and low maintenance cost but what about the new customers? They might be struggling with which machine to choose. Here is a simple guide to decide which one to go for.

Machine Price£3,250+VATHigher
DeliveryIncludedNot included
TrainingIncludedNot included
ConsumablesBreaker set £400+VAT, once in a yearBreaker set, seal, electronic board more than £1,000+VAT, a couple of times in a year
Warranty1 year excluding consumables1 year excluding consumables
Operators needed to lift the machine11
Motor type3 phaseSingle phase
Power consumption370 W>1500 W
Slat thickness2.5 to 6 mm2 to 3.9 mm

You can purchase SSLS slat cleaners right away with quick delivery from stock. You can also go for 1 month rental and opt-in to purchase the machine after the rental period for a piece of mind. Whichever suits you the best, we are here for you. No matter which laser cutting machine you have, Trumpf – Bystronic – Amada – Mazak – Prima Power – LVD – Eagle – Durma – Ermak – Morgan Rushworth – Bodor – HSG and many more, SSLS slat cleaner built for you to save time and money!

Contact us for more details. We will be happy to help!