Magnetic Squaring Arm

You are using your press brakes backgauge when you need to position your part precisely. But what happens when you need to make a tapered bend? or when you are going to bend a very small flange which is not possible to be done by using backgauge.

SSLS Magnetic Squaring Arm is the solution!

It can be easily fixed to any make of tool with the help of two strong magnets. After positioning you can easily make the angle adjustment and start your bend. This gadget makes operators’ life easier!

Worry not, we have magnetic squaring arms suitable for right and left hand usage! Use it as per your requirement. Whenever you are done with the squaring arm, detach it from the tool and just stick it anywhere on the press brake so it will be close by whenever you need it.


You can call us for details or just easily order online from our web shop. Either way we are here to help.