We are going thru days which none of us seen before. Such though days for the ones who lost their loved ones. We are praying for them.

Specially a big round of applause from us to all NHS members and volunteers, police departments, firefighters and any government officials working day and night to save lives. You are amazing!

Under this post we will try to share some valuable information from the industry which may help us to act and help our community to fight against Covid19.

Anything shared under this post is shared free by their designers. They may be uncertified. Please use wisely.

n1. Free designs of Sample Chamber and Intubation Box from Tofas/Fiat

Tofas A.S., Turkish otomotive manufacturer, shared their designs of sample chambers and intubation boxes with the public. If you wand to make any donations to NHS, council or to the hospitals you can download the designs below.

Biological Sample Cabin and Intubation Box Projects

n2. Emergency Mask for Hospital Ventilators

After getting contacted by the former head physician of the Gardone Valtrompia Hospital, Dr. Renato Favero, Isinnova Srl. designed 3D printed valves which converts Easybreath mask of Decathlon into an emergency mask for ventilators.

Below you can find the link to download the project files.


n3. Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) Protective Visor

Car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover produced 5,000 visors for frontline health workers. These NHS-approved visors are reusable.

You can request to download the CAD data of this visor by clicking the link below.

JLR Protective Visor CAD Data Request