What is the best pillow height for your pillow plates?

Measuring pillow height

Most of our new customers either manufacturing vessels, food processing machines or any custom requirement, they mostly have the same question,

“What is the best pillow height?”

This is an important question because generally customers tend to have some habits or thumb rules when it comes to the pillow height. We aim to create turbulent flow with our welding pattern so we can create the same or higher heat transfer but using less amount of refrigerant or heating medium in the plate.

After inflating your pillow plate you should generally reach pillow heights between 2,5mm to 3mm. But there are some cases when you are able to get special pillow heights depending on the material, material thickness or welding pattern which is related with the working pressure required.

Let us hear about your requirement for pillow plates and we will be creating a laser welded solution for you by answering any questions you have in mind.