World’s Best Adjustable Bottom Tool

Rolla-V Adjustable Bottom Tool
Rolla-V Adjustable RVHD3 Bottom Tool

When you are going to buy a new press brake or you already have one but need press brake tooling to overcome below problems;

  • Material scratches because of bottom tool
  • Not being able to bend small flanges because of fixed V opening
  • Distorting the holes and cut-outs which are close to bend line
  • Bending various radiuses without changing the bottom tool but being able to compensate the tensile strength changes of the materials

What is the best solution?

These kind of problems are generally solved by using an adjustable Rolla-V bottom tool. Flexibility is the biggest strength of the adjustable bottom tools which allows you to have the full control on protecting the holes from getting distorted or making any different radius without changing the bottom tool.

The Adjustables
The Adjustables

If you have such problems with your products let us study your products and bends so we will be able to offer you the best press brake tooling solution.