How to import DXF file into NexT® CNC Press Brake Controller

Press brake controllers are CNC controlled nowadays. Numerical controllers brought a smooth control to the press brakes allowing operators to control several axis simultaneously. Additionally having a graphical control, either 2D or 3D, made everything visual and allowed operator to see the machine, tools and product drawing. This made the whole operation much more easier and prevent mistakes before happening.

Most of the press brake users are using CAD/CAM software like Solidworks® and Autocad® which includes lot’s of data in them. While you are already having the technical drawing of the part in hand, what’s the point of re-creating the parts from scratch on the controller, right? With our NexT® controller, you can easily import the CAD file into the controller and create part program. Video below will show you how you could do it if you would be using our press brake 🙂

If you need any press brake upgrade or a new one, please contact with us and let us guide you for the best and most efficient way of achieving your bends including tooling solutions.

TINYbend press brake for bending small parts like brackets