How to easily adjust laser safety device of your press brake

All CNC press brakes have to be equipped with one of the suitable laser safety devices to supply the required operator safety when working. These laser safety equipment stops the movement of the beam when it senses any object on the sheet metal. This safety stopping point of the machine is called “mute point”. Mute points can be different with each manufacturer but as SS Laser Solutions we are using one of the best laser safety devices in the market with 2mm mute point.

Having a laser safety system on your press brake not just good but mandatory for health and safety as well. But as all light transmitting devices they need to be maintained properly either after changing the top tool or by any reason of misalignment. Some of you might think that it is not that easy to adjust them but in this post we would like to give you some tips to shorten the process.

1. Parallel alignment to the top/bottom beam

For the sake of making laser alignment easy, first check the parallelism of the laser beam to the top or bottom beam. The easiest way is to slide a ruler from left side of the press brake to the right side and properly adjust the laser beam up and down by tightening/loosening the adjustment screws.

You can repeat this adjustment a couple of times until you see that laser beam is at the same level both at the left hand side of the press brake and right hand side. If you are happy with the parallelism then you can move to the last step.

2. Right and left adjustment of the laser beam

After making sure that the laser beam is parallel with the top and bottom beam of the press brake, we should look at right/left alignment. This part is much easier. Just play with the right/left adjustments screws and make sure that the laser beam is inside the designated area of the receiver.

Voila! Just within a short period of time you adjusted your laser beam and solved the misalignment problem. The rest is to bend fast, bend safe and make money!

  • Above information is a general guide for press brake operators to correct the alignment of laser safety device and doesn’t contain specific information for different make of laser safety devices. In case of any doubt please contact with us for detailed guidance


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